Hi. I’m no stranger to blogging or having an active social media presence having been a professional baker-turned food blogger (hello, fans of sweet betweens!) and leggings-slinger (for The Company Who Shall Not Be Named). But this? This is new. This is vulnerable. This is an extreme introvert diagnosed with anxiety and depression putting her heart on her sleeve for the whole world to see because she believes her daughter + all the daughters and sons and littles out there in Nashville, TN and beyond deserve so, so much better.

So what’s Raising Nashville?

It’s a little bit of parenting blogging and a little bit of advocacy/education/awareness-raising. It’s about raising the next generation of Nashville and also raising the bar on basic quality of life for Nashvillians.

While I’ll share hacks and tips and snippets of daily life with a (currently) nearly-14 month old, I’ll also be connecting the greater Nashville community with events like rallies, protests, lunch + learns, meetings centering on issues that are important to me, my daughter and our village.

You can expect to hear mostly from me but I am also so excited to already be in the process of creating a community of contributors in Nashville that will be sharing their experiences and voices too – parents, loved ones of littles, community advocates that also believe that better is possible and better is necessary.

So if issues like gun control, maternal health, quality public education, equal rights, diversity and inclusion are important to you, please follow along. This website is a shell right now but will be tweaked and settled into its first phase as a platform for connecting and sharing in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, you can also follow Raising Nashville on Instagram and Facebook.

Be well.

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