The Wandering Rumpus Feature: Beaman Park (Social Distancing Day 173)

Beaman Park – Creekside Trailhead. October 2019.

I was thrilled to be asked by Sarah of The Wandering Rumpus to contribute to a round up of 10 Outdoor Adventures Near Nashville With Kids.

Path from parking lot to trail markers. October 2019.

I wrote about our favorite spot, Beaman Park. I now have a handful of other places I’m hoping to visit with M before it becomes too cold to splash and swim thanks to the contributions from other locals. Highly recommend you check out the blog post – and follow the Rumpus crew on Instagram!

Exploring the creek on a low water fall day. October 2019.

Keep reading below to see more pictures from all of M + I’s adventures at Beaman over the last year.

We always wear water shoes but M usually prefers to scramble over the creek barefoot. The one time I did, too, I fell flat on my rear. October 2019.
One of our top 5 favorite things to do in the creek – make big splashes with plopping rocks. October 2019.
Proof of mom. October 2019.
View of the creek from the Creekside Trail. There are plenty of opportunities to find a path from the trail to the creek along the length of the path. October 2019.
The trailhead with clearly marked paths. Go to the left for the Creekside trail! October 2019.
March 2020
We always pack a snack and love our Bentgo boxes. (Hello, hangry toddler is not someone you want to encounter in the middle of an adventure!) March 2020
Yes, we’ll even go to the creek at Beaman if it’s cold enough outside for me to be wearing cords. March 2020
Stacking and throwing rocks. March 2020
It’s easy to also walk along the edge of the creek bed if you’d like to explore but not get too wet. May 2020.
It’s rare I’m able to sit down while we’re at Beaman because it’s usually go-go-go. May 2020.
May 2020
May 2020
The water’s only reached M’s knees on high water days in one spot in the creek. So it’s a great spot for splashing but not if you’re wanting to plunge or swim. May 2020.
May 2020
May 2020
May 2020
We always pack a change of clothes and peel off our we bathing suits before we start the walk back to the car. May 2020.
Also come prepared with a first aid kit because the trail is rocky and covered in tree roots in many spots. May 2020.
Ever since this tumble we’ve talked about the sneaky tree root that grabbed M’s foot on our way back to the car and we make sure all the trees know we don’t want to stay at the park, thank you very much.
May 2020.
If you get down to the creek as soon as you walk on the Creekside Trail you’ll find wide, flat spaces perfect for laying out a towel and staying to play. Because it’s at the front of the park it’s usually the most crowded spot, so don’t hesitate to walk down the path to find a place further down the creek. June 2020.
It was June when we finally felt brave enough to have an outdoor playdate with friends who were also quarantining at our level. Beaman was the perfect spot to meet up. June 2020.
June 2020
June 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020
Potion making. August 2020.
August 2020
More proof of mom. August 2020.
August 2020

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